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Calitri A Journey To Calitri, Region Campania, Italy

Once a thriving commercial hub of the Roman Empire, Calitri is Italy unspoiled, a historical village with all the trappings of modern life set amidst the enchanting Italian countryside. Situated an hour away east from the city of Naples, halfway between the ruins of Pompeii and the Amalfi coast.

When visiting the region of Campania, you can't miss Calitri. Irpinia is the area in which Calitri is located, and the adjacent Vulture is beautiful lands virtually unknown to mass tourism. They boast an ancient history and uncontaminated nature, and visitors plunge straight into the green countryside, discovering ancient villages perched among the hills and mountains and ruins of castles and cathedrals from times gone by.

The river Ofanto flows along the valleys, breaking up into tiny tributaries, beautiful streams and brooks that breathe life into the fertile landscape. Enchanting little waterfalls are formed in many gorges, refreshing the visitor's eyes. Calitri is surrounded by idyllic countryside interspersed with rivers, lakes, fields, woods and archeological ruins.

The origins of Calitri are lost in the mists of time, and the town and its surroundings are dotted with archeological remains dating back from ancient Rome. With the passing of the centuries the area became an important route of communication and transport connecting the Tyrrhenian to the Adriatic coast. It fell under the reign of Fedric II of Svevia during the 12th century and was subjected to Spanish dominion, and later became difficult to visit when many locals became makeshift highwayman in a bid to combat Napoleonic dominion in the 800s. This turned the region into an isolated, insecure and poor area, which in turn encouraged workers and families in the early 1900s to emigrate to the richer north of Italy in search of a better future, abandoning many villages and towns. The local economy also suffered from an earthquake in the 1980s similar to one in that took place in the region of Umbria in 1997.

Here, old folk traditions are very much woven into every day life, with the whole community working towards keeping their ancestor's heritage alive and at the same time maintaining the high standards of service that an excellent location, a variety of traditions, and a rich agriculture-based economy permits.

Today, the area around Calitri is sprinkled with castles, aristocratic palazzos and delightful locations soaked in history and tradition, ridged with hills and valleys and marked by the ancient trails along which Hannibal and his legions marched when setting off to attack ancient Rome 2,000 years ago. Those spending time in the area can enjoy the many village fairs, local food festivals, markets and commemorative processions that take place in the piazzas and the alleys of little villages in Irpinia and Vulture.

Forget your typical notions of southern Italy, Calitri is for those that do. Old Italian charm awaits

Contents courtesy of Mrs Grace Sienna Smith, Italy Dream Vacations


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