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Guide of Ragusa Itineraries Ragusa : a trip to the Far End of Sicily, Italy

Ragusa Ragusa : A Trip To The Far End Of Sicily, Italy

Nozio has prepared an itinerary for you that you can complete in one day, starting from Ragusa in the early morning and returning to the city in the evening. Take your swimming costume with you for a refreshing dip and wear comfortable shoes for a walk among history and nature.



Isola delle Correnti

The Isola delle Correnti stands at about 60 km from Ragusa and 8 km from Capo Passero, at the far end of Sicily. This strip of land lies just under the parallel of Tunis, where the Mediterranean Sea and the Ionian Sea merge into each other. The island is linked to the coast by an artificial wharf. It is one of the favorite places for surf and windsurf lovers, due to the waves and the winds that lap it.

Nature lovers also love the place: in spite of the sparse vegetation, the Isola delle Correnti is home to wild rabbits, albatrosses and other species of birds, and also to several fish species in the surrounding sea.

We suggest that this be your first stop from Ragusa: enjoy the sun and sea as much as you can! When you feel relaxed, you can start off on your trip again.




After lying in the sun for a while and refreshing yourselves in the crystal-clear waters, turn back and head back towards Ragusa. After a few kilometers you will reach Pachino. This characteristic village is famous for its wine production and for its tasty Pachino cherry tomatoes that are grown in the surrounding land. An interesting place nearby is the Grotta di Calafarina in Marzamemi, caves where you find the remains and findings of ancient settlements.




Carrying on the return road towards Ragusa, we recommend you make a brief detour towards Ispica, a pretty town 170 meters above sea level. After spending a bit of time in the town center, visiting the Baroque churches and palaces, why not go for a walk to the Cava d’Ispica, passing by the artificial ponds that lie along the route. The Cava is a deep gorge that contains several archaeological finds: ancient huts from the Bronze Age, prehistoric necropolis, caves, Byzantine oratories, ruins of churches and lots more too.


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