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What habit or custom can't a native of Florence do without?
A joke!

What would you organize for a Saturday night out on the town in Florence for friends visiting for the first time? I'd take them out to eat "Lampredotto" at one of the downtown dives and then I'd show them the city by walking from downtown to Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy a beautiful view of Florence.

Where do you go in Florence when you want to relax? Without a doubt: Boboli Gardens!

What is your favorite theater in town? And the movie theater you like best? When considering location, the theaters I like best are the Teatro della Pergola and the Teatro del Sale, both very elegant. This first is really chic with a classic line up, the second is a more "radical chic" with even its own restaurant and is famous because the actors are paid with a dinner here instead of money... Since I belong to a theater company, I just had chance to try if for myself and I must say, it was great! As for listings, I think the best theaters in town are the Puccini theater, where some of the comedians from Zelig perform, and the Rifredi, famous for its Florentine theater company productions. As for movie theaters, there are two I like that show art films: the Fiorella in Via Gabriele D'Annunzio and the Flora in Piazza Dalmazia. The best in terms of location is the Odeon, in Piazza Strozzi, behind Piazza della Repubblica, that shows foreign language films and less mainstream "blockbuster" films.

Can you give us a tip on a great day trip around Florence? I suggest you take a trip to Fiesole where you can admire the Tuscan hills and countryside in all their glory, just 5-6 kilometers from Florence.
What is the people of Florence's main flaw? And best virtue? As for flaw, our arrogance which, in some cases, if pushed to the limit, may make us seem a bit cold. On the other hand, our virtue is undoubtedly our irony!


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