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What adjective would you choose to describe Florence? And its people?
Florence is a "magical" city due to the artistic beauty it offers.

Whenever I walk downtown, the Cathedral, the Brunelleschi Dome, Piazza della Signoria and Ponte Vecchio always leave me breathless. It's like walking in a dream. I really love this city. To describe its people, I'd use a slogan that was popular on t-shirts awhile back: "We're the most beautiful in the world". That says it all, we're very narcissist!

How has the city most significantly changed in recent years? Recently, more precisely I'd say in the last year due to the young mayor we elected, the city is taking a new turn especially due to the numerous new cultural and environmental initiatives. For example, Piazza Duomo was made into a pedestrian area, desired by the mayor and practically forced upon the city, but something for which we are now proud.

How have Florence's tourists changed over the years? Unfortunately, we've recently seen a lot of tourists who zip in and out, visiting the city in just one day. I think these tourists should pay an extra tax. In my opinion, you need at least 3 days to visit Florence.  A day trip just doesn't make sense. We like "slow" tourists, the ones that take it easy.

What is the best time of year to visit Florence? You should avoid the months of May, June, September and October when, as we say in Florence, "The world's here!"! The best time is at the beginning of spring, March and April, or November. The weather is usually still good, not too cold, and you can calmly visit the city. I even love Florence in the middle of the summer even if it's really hot.  They recently held a lot of outdoor events you shouldn't miss.

Where do you always suggest your guests should go?  It goes without saying that when you come to Florence, you always have to tour the Uffizi museum to get your full of art! What's more, I suggest you stop at the central market.  It's a wonderful jumble of fragrances, perfumes, flavors and shouting...

Give me 3 things you must do to experience Florence….
A stroll through Oltrarno, a quarter that still preserves the old Florence atmosphere. A "lampredotto" sandwich at one of the Florentine tripe stands and, last but not least, to repeat myself: visit the Uffizi museum!


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