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What are the three things, as a native of Florence, you most love about your city? As a native of Florence I love to walk along the river banks at sunset...

I assure you it's one of the most spectacular things you'll ever see.  Secondly, when it's sunny, I like to walk in the Cascine Park. Miles and miles of greenery and, if you're wearing sneakers, it's great for jogging.  It's the place we native like best for exercise. Thirdly, a timeless suggestion: a stroll down Viale dei Colli to Piazzale Michelangelo where you can take in one of the best views of the city. Lastly, I have a fourth favorite: getting lost in Oltrarno, in the San Frediano and Santo Spirito quarters, the popular old Florence where time seems to stand still in the narrow alleys and lanes full of shops where you can buy something truly authentic and characteristic.

What don't you like? I don't like our somewhat provincial attitude, that has been our downfall, of refusing to accept new ideas, changes and innovation. We're suspicious of anything new.
Where would you take a friend to lunch around Florence? There are many places I'd suggest but I'll limit myself to: The La Bianchina restaurant in Via Cassia 36, in Bottai, in the town of Impruneta.  It's close to Florence, near the A1 Certosa highway exit. The serve Tuscan cuisine and pizza. I recommend the fried artichokes. A traditional restaurant. I'd also recommend the Trianon restaurant, in Via Dante da Castiglione 20, in Cercina in the town of Sesto Fiorentino, 10 minutes from Florence. Known for their "spider web" fried foods. Also, the Antico Forno restaurant (via di San Romolo 118, in San Romolo, in the town of Bagno a Ripoli). Tuscan cuisine and, weather permitting, you can eat in the garden.  It's about twenty minutes from Florence, to the South. Since in the hills, I recommend it when the city leaves you "panting" from the heat. Fourth and last, the Trattoria Di Sor Paolo in Via Cassia per Firenze 40, Town of San Casciano in Val di Pesa. Beautiful location and great Tuscan cuisine.  It's 20/30 minutes outside Florence and I recommend it because it's at the border between the provinces of Florence and Siena, in the middle of the Chianti area, which says it all!
What famous historic figure, author, artist or showman best represents Florence for you? First of all, obviously, Dante...who, in my humble opinion, given the current situation in Italy, is gradually becoming, alas, more up to date. If he were still with us today, he'd have boxed a lot of ears. In more recent times, I'd say the stylist Ferragamo, a real genius and forerunner in Italian fashion. Or even the legendary Margherita Hack, who can explain complex concepts to astronomy and science laymen in simple words. Lastly, Robertaccio (Benigni), a force to be reckoned with!

Can you recommend a good bookstore and a well-stocked music store? Bookstore: Edison, in Piazza della Repubblica, in the center of town.  A large bookstore with a bar on the first floor. Libreria Parterre, in Viale Don Minzoni, away from the center and the crowds, it also has a coffee shop. The Cuculia bookstore in Via dei Serragli, in the centre.  Different with coffee and restaurant. If you'd like to get out of town, public transportation from the Santa Maria Novella station takes 15 minutes to get to Sesto Florentino where you'll find the Rinascita bookstore in Via Antonio Gramsci 334. Music stores: in the station underpass you'all find the Galleria del Disco which has just about everything and every genre. Another, Disco Mastelloni, in Piazza del Mercato centrale, is specialized in techno/house music. Lastly, Yellow Record, in the outskirts, in Via Torcicoda.  It has DVDs, CDs and imported records, mostly alternative music.
And to sum it up, what should you NEVER do in Florence? I'all be brief: if it's raining, never EVER take your car.  You'all be stuck in traffic for hours. Drivers go crazy when it rains in Florence!!!!! And, a last tip, never, I mean NEVER, celebrate a victory or goal made by JUVENTUS. It's not a well-loved team here in Florence, better safe...


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