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What city event or tradition can't a good native of Florence miss?
Most probably the "Scoppio Del Carro"...

the flight of the dove from the "Brindellone" to the cathedral altar and back. It's held every year at Easter. The dove's successful flight through the cathedral was considered a good omen for the harvest and trade. What's more, even if I've never seen it, the most fanatical event is "Calcio Florentino", a sport that dates back to the 1500's but which has now gone beyond being simply fanatical since it has become rather violent, to the point of debauchery. The fireworks on St. John's Day are also a significant local tradition held in June.

Can you suggest an unconventional Florence we could discover? I think Florence is a gem, a treasure, an architectural and cultural rarity and so I don't think there is an "unconventional Florence". What you find here makes sense because it's included in a unique and unrepeatable context and, as such, cannot be unconventional. It should be taken all in together.

What do you think are the best dishes in Florentine cuisine? Meat dishes with the Florentine steak and "lampredotto" at the lead, soups like "ribollita" or "pappa col pomodoro", all doused with a lot of quality oils and wines.

What restaurant would you take a dear friend to in Florence? This is not an easy question since there are a lot of restaurants in Florence. Downtown, many have adjusted to international cuisine to tailor to the large amount of tourists that crowd the city throughout the year. But there are still places that serve traditional Florentine cuisine. The Osteria dei Pazzi or the small diner at the San Lorenzo or Sant'Ambrogio markets come to mind. I also like the Trattoria da Mario, in Piazza San Lorenzo, where you are seated at long tables with other diners. These are authentic restaurants which fortunately uphold our identity against the growing number of fast-food joints managed by foreigners.

Trattoria da Mario - (editor's note) Via Rosina 2r (corner of Piazza del Mercato Centrale) Tel. + 39 055 218550 and Osteria dei Pazzi - (editor's note) Via dei Lavatoi 1 Tel. +39 055 2344880

And where would you take him for an appetizing snack? For something really tasty, I'd go to the Panineria Scheggi at the stadium, known for its Tuscan flat bread with cold-cuts and condiments as well as the other snacks and finger foods. It's one of the city's landmarks, and not just for those going to the stadium.

What is the city's most enchanting and "photographic" corner? Most definitely I'd say the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte for its incredible location, towering over Piazzale Michelangelo. The view of Florence is magnificent from here, from North to South, with the Apennines behind you, perhaps capped with snow. The scenery is completed by the highly impressive gardens and staircase.  The church has a magnificent ceiling and an interesting crypt and the most famous people of Florence are buried in its cemetery. In my opinion, it's something visitors to Florence can't miss.


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