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Hotel Olimpia, Venice city center Italy

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Hotel Olimpia

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We love the Hotel Olympia

by Rideauview

Parents with children, 7/2010

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We have now stayed at the Hotel Olympia four times. Obviously we like it. We found it by accident. we needed accommodation for three people in one room, seems to be difficult in Europe, we are not exctly 'Parents with Children', but grandparents with a 14 year old grandson. the Olympia was one of the few that offered that and the price was competetive.

I liked the look of the rooms on the website. We were going on a cruise and I had no idea how close or far the marina was. It was a pleasant surprise to find that it was only a two minute walk to the Hotel from the Piazzale di Roma that is the entrance to Venice. All the buses taxis shuttle buses end up there. On the perimeter of the Piazzelle you can buy your tickets for the Vaporettos, public water buses, Water Taxis gondolas or the newly opened 'People Mover', more on that later. It is so conveniently located.

The hotel staff are very pleasant and helpful, they all speak english. If you arrive at the Marco Polo Airport early in the day, chances of getting your hotel room before two pm are slim but not impossible. They do allow you to leave your luggage in a room downstairs and will take it to your room when its ready.

There is a place you can change your clothes, neccessary if you are arriving from a cold climate such as Canada in may, this year we went in July so clothing wasn't a problem. Take a Atvo bus from the Airport directly to the Piazzale luggage is stored underneath, 3 euros per person, no need for a water taxi to transport your luggage because as mentioned the hotel is so close. When the time comes to leave, if cruising the new People Mover is fantastic. Just on the far side of the Piazzale in a large white building, you buy your tickets, 1 euro per person, get onto the platform the trains run run every few minutes and the trip takes only three minutes, it is only a short walk to the cruiseship terminals. If you are not going straight to the airport after your cruise you just get the People Mover back to your hotel. Now you can always take a water taxi to the cruise ship, 60-150 euros, or a Taxi to and from the airport 40-50 euros, it won't be any quicker.

The hotel is small, and the two rooms we have been in are not particularly large, but newly renovated, clean and well equipped. The elevator takes only two people, the corridors are narrow, well, hey, it is a pretty old building, Venice is old, and how much time are you going to spend in the hotel?

The buffet breakfast is the best I have seen anywhere (included in your hotel rate) they have evrythhing, Cereal, fresh fruit, cold cuts, boiled eggs, bagels, fresh rolls, yogurt, Brie and Swiss cheese, juice, hot cholate, breakfast cakes and flans, I know I have forgotten other things, and the coffee is the best, cafe au lait brought to your table in a pot and jug mmm - good.

The breakfast room itself is bright light and cosy, or you can eat outside in their garden under a canopy. Eat your fill and you may not need any lunch!

What did you enjoy most about your stay?
The location, it is so handy, close to the Piazzale di Roma

What did not meet your expectations?
Perhpas the compactness of it. But the location, friendliness and breakfast far outweighed that.

Near the Hotel Olimpia

Venice city center, Italy

by: Rideauview

10 Aug 2010

Typical narrow streets

Venice city center, Italy

by: Rideauview

10 Aug 2010

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