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Contents provided by users (reviews, photos, videos, itineraries, events) and published on Nozio are exclusively submitted by travelers who want to share their opinions on the hotel or location they visited. Therefore, content is written by registered portal users and not by the Nozio corporation (Netplan srl).

Each published content is linked to its author whose profile can be viewed by other users and includes information required when filling out the review form like the author's nickname and type of traveler. Other personal information (name and last name, e-mail addressed) required when filling out the appropriate form are hidden from other users.

Nozio may not edit contents written by users in any way. Therefore, if users want to partially or fully change their published contents, they must contact to have their content deleted.

Nozio's editors will carefully assess each received content, reserving the right to censor:

  • Vulgar and defamatory content
    Any content containing swearwords and insults, slanderous, racist or similar comments will not be accepted.
  • Content not pertinent to the evaluation topic
    Content irrelevant to the evaluation topic will not be accepted: the purpose of reviews, photos, videos, etc. is to provide useful information on a specific topic to other travelers.
  • Advertising content
    Content submitted for promotional-sales purposes and with content linked to corporations or products will not be accepted.
  • False content
    False contents and reviews, written by fake travelers, hotel owners/managers or by travelers paid by hotels for this purpose will not be accepted. Nozio shall highly penalize hotels advocated by false reviews.
  • Content inconsistent with the standards set in the review form
    Content sent by e-mail or means other than the review form, which must be accurately completed, are not accepted.
  • References to several hotels or locations
    Each content must only concern a single hotel or location. Contents on several "topics" will not be accepted.