The Charter of Values

Disintermediation paves the way for sustainable tourism.
It means good value, authentic and high-quality travel experiences.

We are truly passionate about travel and want to pursue our wanderlust showing respect for the destination that welcomes us. To this end we are constantly working to promote tourism that provides a socially and economically sustainable travel experience.

Economically sustainable travel means providing tourist destinations with the economic resources that are essential for development, both of the destination and tourism industry operators. These resources enable facilities and attractions to be improved, to the benefit of the destination’s competitiveness and the satisfaction of visitors.

We firmly believe in tourism based on direct relationships, without intermediaries.

The presence of intermediaries between travellers and service providers - hotels, airlines or car hire companies - is increasing, often hidden and with opaque offers that include significant commissions of which the traveller is unaware. This results in depriving service providers and territories of considerable economic resources because a large slice of the revenues generated from selling services therefore ends up in the hands of a few.
This is not economically sustainable tourism.

Travellers could prevent this dissipation of resources and tourism-related economic speculation by large-scale intermediaries by being more careful and aware of how they spend their money. This can be achieved by using Official Websites to purchase trips directly from hotels, flights direct from airlines and car hire direct from car rentals.

All of this is now easier than ever because the Internet has brought about a radical change in the way all kinds of products and services are purchased, enabling consumers to contact producers directly and use the opinions of other consumers to help them before they buy.

Tourism that is GOOD VALUE
because price are stripped of all useless costs associated with the use of intermediaries, both for the hotelier and the traveller. It guarantees lower rates for travellers and provides a clear advantage for hoteliers;

because based on real relationships between travellers and those who host them; this ensures clear information and accurate prices;

and of HIGH QUALITY because it consists of a high-quality offer that is right for travellers and at the right price.