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Guide of Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Churches, Czech Republic

St. Vitus Cathedral
The oldest Gothic cathedral in Eastern Europe, it is certainly one of Prague's most famous churches; erected in 1344 inside the Prague Castle and commissioned to architect Mathieu d'Arras by the emperor Charles IV. Witness to the coronation of thirty Bohemian princes and kings, the church emanates an extraordinary atmosphere where, climbing to the top of the large southern tower, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Prague. The splendid Neo-gothic façade and stained-glass windows made by leading Bohemian artists will beguile you although you’ll find it hard to forget the royal mausoleum with the tomb of Ferdinand I of Hapsburg and the decorated stones that adorn the walls of the Wenceslas chapel.    

Prazský hrad - III. nádvorí
Praha 1 - Hradcany
119 00

Visiting hours
1. April – 31 October
9 AM – 5 PM     Mondays - Saturdays
12 PM – 5 PM    Sundays
1. November – 31 March
9 AM – 4 PM     Mondays - Saturdays
12 AM – 4 PM     Sundays

St. Nicholas church (Mikulás)  
In the Malá Strana district, the St. Nicholas church is the highest expression of Czech Baroque. Dating back to the mid seventeenth century, it is located within the Prague Castle surroundings. Its dome with skylight, the brilliant façade adorned with Braun’s sculptures and two spires are one of the city's most famous images. Recently restored, the fascinating interior is preciously decorated with light effects created by the genius Johann Dientzenhofer. It hold numerous classic concerts in the summer starring the antique organ once played by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Malostranské námestí 556/29
Praha 1 - Malá Strana
118 00

Visiting hours
1. March – 4 November
9 AM – 5 PM daily
21. December – 1 January
9 AM – 4 PM daily

The church of Our Lady Before Tyn
Until 1621 this captivating Gothic building in the heart of Stare Mesto was the home to the followers of Jan Hus and the Hussite movement. After the 1689 fire, it underwent Baroque reconstruction, the logical consequence of Catholic restoration. With two 80-meter spires, the church of Our Lady Before Tyn is one of the most dazzling symbols of Prague which can only be visited for several minutes before and after religious services. The interior houses a fifteenth century baptismal font and the tomb of Tycho Brahe, astronomer to Rudolph II.

Staromestské námestí 604
Praha 1 - Staré Mesto
110 00

The church can only be visited upon prior reservation.

Church of Our Lady Victorious

One of Prague’s most popular pilgrimage sites, it is located in the Malá Strana district evoking the first Czech Baroque style. It is famous throughout the world for the Infant Jesus of Prague wax statue, displayed on the church altar since 1628. This statue's wardrobe is made up of various cloaks, one even hand-embroidered by the empress Mary Theresa of Austria!   

Karmelitská 9
Praha 1 - Malá Strana
118 00

Visiting hours
January - December     
8:00 AM – 7 PM        Mondays - Saturdays
8:30  AM – 8 PM    Sundays

Orthodox church of Sts. Methodius and Cyril

This church near Charles Square, named after the two Byzantine evangelists, is where the insurrectionist group that assassinated Prague's Nazi governor, Reinhard Heydrich committed group suicide. Hunted down by German soldiers, these heroes of the Resistance took refuge in the church, committing suicide to avoid capture. An extremely sacred site.

Resslova / Na Zderaze
Praha 2 - Nové Mesto
120 00

Visiting hours
October - March
10 AM – 4 PM Tuesdays - Sundays
April - September
10 AM – 5 PM Tuesdays - Sundays

St. George’s Convent
The Prague Castle is home to the first Bohemian Benedictine convent. Next door, the splendid tenth century basilica, dating back to the era of Vratislaus I.

U Svatého Jirí námestí
Praha 1 - Hradcany
119 08

Visiting hours
April - October
9 AM – 5 PM daily
November - March
9 AM – 4 PM daily

Old New Synagogue

Prague’s Jewish quarter is embellished by this Gothic building, an important landmark that houses precious treasures and keepsakes from the past. It is the oldest synagogue in Europe having resisted the Nazi persecutions, fires and the renovations of the city’s districts.

Jeruzalémská 1310/7
Praha 1 - Nové Mesto

Visiting hours
23. April – 31 October
1 PM – 5 PM Sundays - Fridays

Church of Our Lady of the Snows

Founded the same year as the coronation of Charles IV, 1347, the church of Our Lady of Snow was dedicated to the fourteenth century miracle in Rome when the Virgin Mary, appearing in the Pope’s dream, asked him to build a church in the spot covered with snow. Abandoned for several centuries, it was restored to its original brilliance and vigor thanks to Benedictine works in the seventeenth century. Inside, the Vcalav Vavrinec Reiner's painting of the Annunciation. It also has a beautiful panoramic tower open to the public.

Jungmannovo námestí 753/18
Praha 1 - Nové Mesto

Visiting hours
June - September
Saturdays 9 AM – 11 AM
June - September
Sundays 3 PM – 5 PM


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