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Guide of Prague, Czech Republic

Author: Luisvilla

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Prague Getting Around, Czech Republic

Prague has excellent public transportation services. Prague city dwellers use the subway, streetcars and buses to get around the city and suburbs. When you board, the stop (zastavká) is usually announced, shortly followed by the destination.

Subway  The Prague subway has three lines: A (Green) / B (Yellow) / C (Red): modern and convenient, accurately marked and easy to understand, the subway runs from 4:40 AM to midnight; buses 501 and 502 run during the night following the subway route.

Streetcar  The streetcar system is exceptional and runs throughout the city; streetcar 22 is the most convenient, traveling in the city center with stops at all of Prague’s most famous sites. Streetcars numbered over 50 run at night, following subway routes.

Bus  Buses connect subway stops with the suburbs; the best bus from the airport is number 119 whose terminal is Dejvicka from where you can catch a subway to the city center.

There are two different type of public transportation tickets: the simple ticket, or short transfer valid 30 minutes for a single boarding (price 18 crown) and the transfer ticket or long transfer valid on several boardings and different lines for a maximum of 75 minutes on weekdays and 90 minutes on weekends and holidays (price 25 crown) Tickets can be purchased at the automatic distributors at each subway stop, at newsstands, information centers and chain stores. For tourists who want to see all of Prague, we suggest the multiple day passes or 'Prague Card' that provides free or discounted admission to all the major monuments and other city attractions for 4 days with free travel on public transportation for 760 crown (500 crown for students). Do not ride without a ticket! Inspections are frequent and fines severe.


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Download Guide Prague:
PDF to print and bind


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