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Guide of Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Getting There, Czech Republic

By plane
Prague’s airport, Praha-Ruzyne, is 20 km far from the city center. It is one of major airports in Eastern Europe. Both leading and low-cost airlines daily connect Prague to major European and international cities. Czech Airlines is the national airline.

Bus - You can take one of the many buses from the airport to various points in Prague. Lines 100/179/119 depart North Terminals 1 & 2 for the Zlicín, Nové Butovice and Dejvická stations where you can quickly reach the city. If you arrive at night, line 510 connects the North Terminal to the Divoká Sárka station, where night train 51 departs for downtown.

Shuttle - ‘Airport-Centrum’ shuttles, the Cedaz company minibus, depart every half hour, day and night, for Celnici street, near Republic Square, downtown Prague. They also run at night and are convenient if your flight arrives in the evening or at night.

Taxi- Taxi stands are located at North Terminal 1 (D exit) and North Terminal 2 (E exit). We only recommend taking taxis with the 'Taxi' light on the roof, serial number on the front doors with taxi company name and pricelist. Always ask for the meter printed receipt upon payment.

By train
Prague's main train station, and the largest in the Czech Republic, is Hlavni Nadrazi. It is only 300 m from Wenceslas Square and connects the capital to Germany, France, Poland, Slovakia and the rest of the country. The station is near the C line subway station (red line) that will take you practically everywhere in the city. We suggest you take a cab if you have a lot of luggage. Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station
Wilsonova, Prague 2

The international Nadrazi Holesovice station is the city's second largest station servicing Northern and Western Europe with trains departing from Berlin, Vienna and Budapest. Not as central as the Hlavni Nadrazi station, the Nadrazi Holesovice station is still convenient thanks to the ever-present subway C line (red line). If you’re not staying in the center, we suggest you use one of the rapid transfer services available at the station.  
Nadrazi Holesovice Train Station
Partyzanska, Prague 7

By car
Prague is in the middle of Europe. It can be reached from the South, crossing through Italy and the Brenner Pass, via Tarvisio and Vienna; from the West, crossing through Germany via Nuremburg or Munich; from the North descending from Berlin and Dresden or from the East crossing Slovakia or Poland. You must have a highway sticker to travel in the Czech Republic (likewise in Austria), on sale at customs or at service stations, which costs about 370 crown.  
If you don’t speak the language, driving around Prague is not easy since there are many signs to follow and city parking lots are few; parking costs from 250 to 450 crown a day.  

By Bus
Prague’s international bus terminal is Uan Praha Florenc, just 600 meters from the Hlavni Nadrazi train station. During high season – from mid June to the end of September – buses to/from the major European cities run daily.  


Main distances

Berlin - km 355
Vienna - km 330
Warsaw - km 600
Paris - km 1050   
London - km 1280
Rome - km 1315   


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Download Guide Prague:
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