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Guide of Prague, Czech Republic

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Prague Monuments, Czech Republic

Prague Castle
One of the most representative monuments of the history of Prague, it has evolved from a Bohemian prince stronghold to become the current residence of the President of the Republic. Over forty hectares of gardens, palaces and churches, this fortification with curtain wall and towers that protected the royal apartments and halls is the largest ancient castle in Europe. The castle, built by prince Borivoj in 870, is the most popular monument in the country and houses the magnificent Cathedral of St. Vitus, the picturesque Golden Lane and the home of author Franz Kafka.  A must.

Prazský hrad
Praha 1 - Hradcany
119 08

Visiting hours
Prague Castle buildings         
April - October     
9 AM – 6 PM    daily
November - March     
9 AM – 4 PM    daily

Prague Castle grounds         
April - October     
5 AM - midnight    daily
November - March     
6 AM – 11 PM    daily

Changing of the Guard (Castle gate)
Every hour on the hour from 5 AM to midnight
(fanfare and flag ceremony at noon!)

National Theater
At the end of Wenceslas Square, a charming Neo-Renaissance building houses the National Theater, the country's most prominent theater, built with public funds collected throughout the country towards the end of the nineteenth century. Today, this theater stages ballets, operas and a brilliant theater season. The building is also the seat of the acclaimed Prague Philharmonics.   

Národní 2
Praha 1 - Nové Mesto
110 00

Dancing House
One of the city’s most curious buildings, a bit Gothic and a bit Baroque in its own way, conceived by the eccentric imagination of Vlado Milunic and Frank Ghery inspired by "Ginger & Fred". Its irregular shape was subject to wide controversy when, in 1996, it was built next to age-old buildings with undoubtedly more traditional designs. It currently houses offices but can be easily visited from the restaurant on the top floor.  

Rašínovo nábreží 80
Praha 2
120 00

Municipal House
When you cross the Republic Square you will notice the Art Nouveau style of the Municipal House (or Town House), built at the beginning of the last century and now an important exhibit and concert hall: in fact, the Smetana Hall on the first floor hosts the inaugural concert for the “Prague Spring” concert.  A cafeteria and excellent French restaurant are located on the ground floor. The house is built on the site of the Royal Palace, explaining the nearby Powder Tower, defense rampart until the sixteenth century.

námestí Republiky 5
Praha 1 - Staré Mesto
111 21

Visiting hours
January - December     
10 AM – 6 PM daily

The oldest Eastern European university was founded in Prague by Charles IV. A vast complex of buildings, externally dominated by Baroque style, it was fully renovated in 1778. Numerous top level temporary exhibits are held inside.

Ovocný trh 3
Praha 1 - Staré Mesto
110 00


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Download Guide Prague:
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