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Guide of French Riviera, France

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French Riviera Nature, France

Lerins Islands

are easily reached by taking the public ferries from Cannes and Juan-Les-Pins. An idyllic oasis of peace away from the mundane, the Island of Saint-Honorat is actually located just a few minutes away by ferry from Cannes' Vieux Port, and it features the Abbey of Lerins, an evocative destination for pilgrims and spiritual retreats, surrounded by a charming variety of flowers and medicinal plants. Today, the island is inhabited by a community of Cistercian monks that keep bees, grow lavender and grapes, and produce Lerina, a traditional herb liqueur.
The nearby Île Ste.-Marguerite is an ancient military stronghold where, amidst pines and eucalypti, lies the mystery of the Man in the Iron Mask, a man jailed at Fort Royal from 1687 whose identity was never revealed. The island's hiking paths through the woods make wonderful itineraries to explore the island far and wide. This island also hosts the Museum of the Sea, which preserves ancient shipwrecks retrieved from the nearby sea beds as well as man-made objects from the Roman and Arab times.

The Esterel Massif

You will admire its infinite paths, its jagged coastline that can be hiked following the Corniche de l’Esterel, the wonderful views of Cap Roux, the bay of Agay, the Dramont beach, and you will be transfixed by its orange and red sunsets over the turquoise sea and this region's distinctive porphyry coastline.

You will need at least a week to explore this mountainous massif along the French Riviera. This area is an ecotourism paradise, an ideal getaway from the mundane scene of the nearby cities of Cannes and Antibes.
You'll feel inebriated from the scent of the saltiness and the Mediterranean scrub. This area features every kind of lodging, from hotels to more affordable options, such as campgrounds, ideal to enjoy a vacation surrounded by nature.

Les Corniches

As the saying goes, it is not the destination that counts but how you get there. And this is definitely the case for the three Corniches, three roads that have one thing in common, they connect Nice to Menton, but in a very different way.

 On the Grande Corniche (or Big Corniche) there is lashing wind, breathtaking views, rocky bays and sheer, steep cliffs along the gorges of the Verdon. That is why this was the ancient Via Aurelia, built by the Romans to conquer the West!
Unfortunately the price to pay to drive along the famous "sur mer" bathing establishments of the Riviera is being stuck in traffic for hours on the Basse Corniche (or Lower Corniche).
The Moyenne Corniche, is the ideal place to enjoy breathtaking views from the red rocks that plunge into the sea and also to see the wonderful Èze.


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