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Hyeres Buildings And Monuments, France

Villa Noailles was built in 1923 by a couple with the same name who were art patrons, as a luminous, modern winter residence. This large and elegant building, one of the first of its kind in the Cote d'Azur, has had a lot of success: it was a meeting place for some well-known avant-garde artists of the period as well as a location used in a movie directed by Man Ray. Picasso, Dalì and Cocteau also stayed there.

An evocative example of the long history of Hyères is the tower, Tour St.-Blaise, also known as the Knights Templar Tower, situated in the medieval part of the city.
On the southeast point of the peninsula of Giens, the eighteenth-century fortification, Tour Fondue, overlooks the sea, offering an extremely gorgeous view.
The Park Hotel building is currently a public cultural center, located in the King's old garden. It has a gallery for temporary exhibitions.

The Mediateque was built just a few years ago and offers a vast archive of books, CDs and DVDs for study or entertainment, in comfortable rooms equipped with modern multimedia tools and internet access.


Evidence of the medieval history of Hyères can be found in some charming places of worship. Here are some examples:

The Église de St.-Louis, from the thirteenth century, has Romanesque architecture with primitive gothic style elements.

The Église de St.-Paul, built in the twelfth century, also gothic, is situated in the square of the same name in the historic city center.

The imposing Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Consolation is located on the hill of Costebelle. This place of worship will fascinate you with its marvelous stained-glass windows, whose colors are reflected on the inside of the church, and its sculptures which include the polychrome statue of Madonna the Comforter.

The Anglican Church, in Neo-Gothic style, testifies the importance of the protestant community. It is currently used by the city as a cultural space.

The Municipal Museum is mainly focused on Greek and Roman archaeological artifacts, in addition to a section dedicated to natural history and galleries featuring local artists.


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