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Menton, France

Located right by the border between Italy and France and hometown of playwright Jean Cocteau, the city of Menton is a cradle of history and culture that invites visitors to experience clean beaches and surf along the city's seafront Promenade du Soleil, an ideal destination to relax and enjoy some water sports.

Menton is also a breeding ground for top landscape architects, with an extraordinary assortment of gardens featuring amazing natural scenery that blends in with terraces, fountains, rare botanical species and exotic plants. Among these, the Jardin Botanique Val Rameh showcases over 700 varieties of subtropical plants as part of the National Museum of Natural History. The Serre de la Madone gardens, the Jardin Maria Serena and the Giardino Fontana Rosa are also a must-see.

The town of Menton also cherishes its lemons, to which it dedicates its Fête du Citron, a celebration of the February lemon harvest, during which this round fruit is gathered to construct fragrant gigantic shapes, surrounded by jubilation of floats, parties, exhibitions, and firework displays.

Lastly, this historical art city also hosts the Festival de Musique, which has been presenting the city with an exciting classical music program for 60 years.


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