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Nice Interesting Facts, France

The Carnival
Since the dawn of time, the carnival is the most important, attended, lively event of the year for the Nicoise.
Dances, celebrations, masquerades and festive crowds divided the Old Town for hundreds of years until the birth of the modern-day carnival in the year 1873, characterized by marches and parades. With time, picturesque floats were added.
The evolution of the designing of floats has gone hand in hand with the evolution of society, with the inevitable representation of political satire in recent years.
The excesses of today's society are laid bare by around 20 floats accompanied by hundreds of participants. From Place Masséna to the Promenade des Anglais they are appreciated by the viewers in the stands, and they prepare for the battle of the flowers
It seems that centuries have passed since those rare exchanges of floral bouquets between the floats; today the battle of the flowers is an emotional parade of flowered floats with more than five thousand flower stalks that cover the ideas and attempts by the designers of the floats.
In the evening fireworks on the sea best celebrate the two weeks of festivities.

Garibaldi, The Hero of Two Worlds
The hero of Italy's unification was born in Nice in 1807...  After being seduced by a maritime career, Garibaldi met Mazzini and decided to join Giovine Italia (Young Italy), a secret political association with the goal of uniting Italy.
Hunted by the police, he spent nearly 15 years in South America, earning the title of hero. Upon returning home, he participated in the second war of independence in Italy.
He was opposed to the annexation of Nice but failed to change its fortune, so he embarked on the famous Expedition of the Thousand.
Nice remembers Garibaldi with a square, a monument and a commemorative plaque on the Papacino quay. 

Picasso, Matisse, Renoir as well as writers like Aldous Huxley, D. H. Lawrence and F. Scott Fitzgerald depicted in their works the magic that inspired them in St-Paul-de-Vence. Even today artists and aspiring artists fill the small village, animating it with open galleries and gatherings. But leaving the village along Chemin Saint Claire, you will find one of the points of reference for modern art, the Maeght Foundation, with mosaic walls by Chagall, stained glass windows by Mirò and Braque and works by Matisse and Kandinskij. Outside there is a sculpture by Giacometti.


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