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St. Tropez History, France

Since antiquity, the city of St.-Tropez has had a tumultuous history, contributed to by Phoenician, Ligurian, Greek and Roman settlements, and the Saracen invasions after the fall of the Roman empire.

Its strategic position on the southern coast of France has promoted its commercial development, thanks mostly to port activity and fishing, as well as wine production.

In the fifteenth century, a community of Genoese settled there and fortified it, turning it into a thriving free port, a sort of autonomous republic. It was a golden age for the city, at least until 1672, when Louis XIV abolished this privileged status.

In the nineteenth century, the sea routes brought illustrious guests and intellectuals such as Guy De Maupassant, Henri Matisse and Paul Signac, leading to the city's fame as well as its economic, social and cultural development.

With the introduction of new marine engineering technology, such as steamboats and the use of iron in the ships, and following the opening of the Fréjus/Saint-Raphaël railway, the naval shipyards experienced a downturn, making way for the bright future of St.-Tropez's artistic and tourist vocation.
The port, destroyed after the arrival of the allies in 1944 during the second world war, was rebuilt with the help of the Marshall Plan, turning St.-Tropez into the most loved vacation spot of the international jet-set.  

Between the musketeers, sailors, drums and brass bands that parade through the city, it's worth following the Bravades de St.-Tropez. The patron saint and glorious military past are celebrated on May 16 and 17 every year, with a joyful procession of the courageous in traditional military uniform, carrying a bust of Torpes through the city. This name belongs to the Christian centurion who, martyred by Nero in 68 AD for pursuing his ideals, was thrown into a boat and left adrift at the mouth of the Arno, at the mercy of the violent currents of the Ligurian Sea. The Christians of the town found him on the shores of what is now St.-Tropez, declared him a holy martyr and built the "Ecclesia Sancti Torpetis" in his honor. The monks of the abbey of Saint-Victor of Marseille, the caretakers of this peninsula, changed the name Torpes into Saint Tropez.


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