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St. Tropez Interesting Facts, France

"Sandales tropéziennes", simple, elegant and handmade, never go out of style, thanks to the celebrities who have worn them. This local footwear, made in genuine French leather that has been treated to resist salt water, is also interpreted with various designs and trends, as you will discover in the city's more upscale boutiques.

What does “prendre une Fanny” mean? For a boules (petanque) player, in Provençal it means to sorely lose, 13 to 0! A certain Fanny, a barkeeper in St.-Tropez during First World War, allowed customers who lost in such a dishonorable way to kiss her on the cheek. One day, when it happened to the mayor of the town, the young lady climbed onto the table, lifted her skirt and made him kiss her on the behind. Hence the tradition of kissing Fanny, present in the traditional cafes in the form of an illustration or a sculpture.

B.B.: a generational film and style icon in the '60s, a libertarian, rule-breaking and countercurrent spirit, the sensual promoter of the bikini on the beaches of Pampelonne, and the famous symbol of St. -Tropez, the movie star Brigitte Bardot created a scandal when she starred in the film "Et Dieu... créa la femme", shot here with her husband-producer Roger Vadim. Thanks also to this claim to fame, the city became even more established as a preferred destination for the Parisian well-off and the international jet-set. Once she retired from the silver screen, B.B. became known for her activism for animal rights, as well as her extreme political positions. B.B. still has her villa here, La Madrague.

On the shore of Quai Suffren, you'll find the monument of another symbol of the city, Bailli de Suffren (1729 -1788), the admiral who gave the powerful English navy a hard time in the West Indies. His family had a home in St.-Tropez, in Château Suffren, near the present city hall.



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