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Paris Entertainment And Nightlife, France

Paris is one of Europe's coolest cities, it is in constant motion and knows how to offer visitors countless occasions for having fun, enjoying themselves and being thrilled - no matter whether during the day or at night. To keep up to date on exhibits, theaters, performances, entertainment and concerts, consult Pariscope and l'Officiel des Spectacles (www.offi.fr), available at newsstands.

Tickets for events can be purchased at box offices at Fnac or Virgin Megastore. Half price tickets for same day performances can be purchased at the box offices in Place de la Madeleine (metro: Madeleine) or under Tour de Montparnasse (metro: Montparnasse).

During the day, there are many sights which can meet all desire for experiences: you can enjoy major sports events at Palais d'Omnisport de Bercy, in winter ice skate on the square of Hôtel de Ville and in summer roller skate in Champ de Mars in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, and learning while having fun is the key at Cité des Sciences. A must if you are traveling with your children.

Paris by night is teaming with life. One of the most lively scenes in Europe with hundreds of clubs, discos, dj bars, jazz clubs and all types of concerts. The buildings on Champs Elysée are one long line of theaters, movie theaters and museums which stay open late. Montparnasse is one of the best places to spend the early part of the evening, with its many restaurants and spots for a cocktail. Pigalle has always been Paris' night spot par excellence with the city's most famous discos, cabarets and jazz clubs. Les Halles is a very lively area, both during the day and late at night. Rue de Faubourg St Antoine is another happening place for Parisian nightlife.


there is plenty to choose from, Champs Elysée has the highest concentration of movie theaters. Two enormous ones are located near the Opera: Grand Rex, with its Art Nouveau facade and Max Linder Panorama (metro: L8/L9 Bonne Nouvelle). For a real thrill in 3D don't miss round screen of Géode, at the Cité des Sciences.


Champs Elysée offers the highest concentration of theaters, but there are more than a hundred scattered around Paris. Two great institutions are Opera Garnier, which hosts major ballet companies and operas and Opera Bastille, dedicated to more modern productions.


there are scores of these in Paris; the magical atmosphere of Pigalle is still alive with its historic names: Moulin Rouge, Lido, Folies Bergères and La Nouvelle Eve. Even the ultra hot ambiance of Crazy Horse still draws thousands of spectators.


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