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Amorgos Getting There, Greece

By plane
There are no airports on Amorgos. You can reach the nearby island of Naxos by plane (with regular flights from Athens or summer charter flights from European airports). From here you can take a ferry to Amorgos which docks in the port of Aegiali after 45 minutes or after a couple of hours in the port of Katapola. You can also fly to Athens and continue your trip by boat.

By boat
Ferries and fast ferries for Amorgos leave the port of Piraeus ( 8 kilometers from the Athens airport) while hovercrafts leave from Rafina (30 kilometers from Athens). We recommend the ships and ferries because the crossing (136 nautical miles) lasts 13 hours with ferries and 9 with fast ships. If the Meltemi (the north winds of the Aegean Sea) is blowing, hovercrafts change route and take more than the usual 4/5 hours or don't even sail.

Airlines and ferry lines

Airlines: Olimpic Airways

Ferries: Blu Star Ferries, Skopelitis Lines

Hovercrafts: Hellenic Seaways Maritime


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Download Guide Amorgos:
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