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Author: wolfgang staudt

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini is legendary for its history and beauty. Loved by the hippies in the 70's, asylum to Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Le Courbousier was overwhelmed. Some say the island is what remains of Atlantis, some say Calliste, but what remains is one of the most spectacular locations in the world. The black, red and purple half moon Caldera precipitates into what wan once the volcano's crater, exploding and sinking 3,500 years ago, now the cobalt blue sea of Santorini. At the top, a blinding lacework of white houses is a contrast you'll never forget, especially if you arrive on ship by sea. And you'll never forget the Santorini sunsets, enjoyed on the terraces in Thira, Oia, Pygros, and Fira, the villages on the island. Likewise, you'll never forget the black and lively Kamari and Perissa beaches or the stunning Red beach.

The mysterious charm of the ancient civilization can be felt in silent ancient Thira and in the surprisingly natural frescos in Akrotiri, the island's capital until 1550 AD catastrophe when it was engulfed by sixty meters of lava, brought back to light in the 1970's almost fully intact.


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Download Guide Santorini:
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