What to see in Otranto

Author: Francesco Crippa

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Otranto Places And Charm, Italy

Otranto Castle

When compared with the isolated, dark and haunted palace narrated by author Horace Walpole in the first Gothic novel in history, the Otranto castle seems more like a majestic village stronghold...However, closer up, the Gothic elements come into plain view, especially on the tower that was used for falconry. Thousands of pigeons live in the castle and an expert falconer was called in to rid them.
Built by the Aragonesi between 1485 and 1498, it continually evolved to its present layout, with 4 corner towers surrounded by a moat.
You can visit the castle for free, every day except Mondays from 10 AM to 1 PM.


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Download Guide Otranto:
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