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Capri Eating And Drinking, Italy

Capri’s cuisine offers a wide range of lively, tasty, healthy and great smelling dishes. The sea that laps the island’s shores is full of fish and provides the basis for lots of fish-based recipes, such as grilled scampi and other crustaceans flavored with aromatic herbs. We should also mention the famous stuffed calamari, a delicious traditional recipe from Capri with humble origins and a flavor that is appreciated in Capri’s most luxurious restaurants today.

One of the most well known first courses is Capri style ravioli: a thin sheet of homemade pasta that encloses a caciotta cheese, parmesan and marjoram filling, served in a tomato and fresh basil sauce. The latter two ingredients also feature in another famous traditional recipe from the island: caprese salad. This unique, light but extremely tasty dish is made from sliced tomatoes and fiordilatte (typical Campanian mozzarella), whole fresh basil leaves and a trickle of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

When it comes to meat, first place clearly goes to the wild quail, prepared with a sauce made from white wine, unsalted pancetta and peas fried in wine.

As far as regards dessert, we recommend trying the traditional caprese cake, made from chocolate and almonds.

Let’s conclude this quick journey through Capri’s food and wine culture by taking a look at the island’s wine. The most famous wine is the Capri bianco, made from Falanghina, Greco and Biancolella grapes, which is excellent for accompanying any shell fish or shrimps.


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Download Guide Capri:
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