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Author: Bruce Tuten

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Capri Places And Charm, Italy

All the most and spectacular spots on Capri, from the Faraglioni to the Blue Grotto...


The Blue Grotto

This is a spectacular marine grotto that is over 50 meters long and 30 meters wide, where water takes on a beautiful deep blue colour because of the unique reflections and plays of light created by the sunlight that filters through the mouth of the cave.


The Faraglioni

Capri’s three world famous Faraglioni rise up, majestic and solitary, from the sea to the south-east of the island. The largest rock, connected to the coast by a thin isthmus of land, is known as “Stella” (star) and is 109 meters high, while the other two, “Faraglione di mezzo” (middle stack) and “Scopolo” (rock), are 81 and 104 meters high respectively. The only inhabitants of the Faraglioni are a colony of blue lizards, an extremely rare variety of blue reptiles.


The Natural Arch

This natural arch-shaped attraction was once a cave. Its original shape changed over the centuries due to telluric movements and wind and rain erosion. The Natural Arch is 200 meters high and stands to the east of the island, not far from the coast and its caves.


Punta Carena

This spot is located at the westernmost tip of the island and is home to a lighthouse, the second most important lighthouse in Italy after that in Genoa. The jagged rocks overhanging the sea, the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and the lighthouse itself make Carena Point one of the most beautiful spots on the island.


The Piazzetta

The scene of 1950s and 1960s Dolce Vita and a setting for love affairs, betrayal, scandals and Hollywood scoops, Piazza Umberto I still maintains its role as the very heart of society life on the island today. Sitting at one of the open air cafe tables beneath the Clock Tower is a ritual that no visitor should miss.


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Download Guide Capri:
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