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Guide of Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands, Italy

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Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands Monuments, Italy

The island’s artistic and architectural heritage: Mediterranean churches and fortified castles...

Church of Soccorso
This tiny white-washed church is located in a truly spectacular position: in the square on the Punta del Soccorso in Forio, that looks out onto the crystal clear sea. A typically Mediterranean site of astounding beauty.

Sanctuary of Santa Restituita
The original structure of the church in Lacco Armeno dates back to the Paleo-Christian era (4-5th century A.D.): The current basilica was built around the year 1000 on top of the remains of the first building. Over the years it has undergone some changes. the wooden statues of Santa Restituita, dating back to 1500, that is kept in the church together with some of the saint’s remains, is worthy of note.

The Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae
This interesting museum is housed in the wonderful Villa Arbusto in the borough of Lacco Ameno. It is the home of archeological findings that bear witness to the island’s history from prehistoric times to the Roman era. The most important object is the famous Coppa di Nestore (Nestore’s Cup) that is mentioned in some verses of Homer’s Iliad.

The Sea Museum (Museo del Mare)
This museum is in Ischia Ponte and is housed in Palazzo dell’Orologio. It the home for an important collection of old nautical instruments and fishing equipment, and also models of boats, sailing ships and fishing boats that sailed from the island’s ports.

The Farming Museum (Museo del Contadino)
This interesting museum is in Panza surrounding Forio, housed in the D’Ambra wines factory. You can relive the real farmer’s life on the island by looking at the objects in the museum: from original equipment that the farmers used on the land to the wine amphora (terracotta containers) of all sizes.

The Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese)
The Aragonese Castle is one of the most striking monuments on the island. It stands on a small island near Ischia Ponte. The castle can be reached over a stone bridge. The small island is about 113 meters high and the climb can be made on an old mule track or by using a modern elevator that was installed in the seventies. The castle was built in 1441 by Alfonso D’Aragona on top of the ruins of an old fort that dated back to 474 B.C. This fortified castle was used to protect Ischia’s population from pirate attacks. In the 16th century, almost 1900 families lived in the castle, as well as some religious orders who lived in the 13 churches inside the fortress. The charming place inspired Ariosto to write the poem about Orlando Furioso.


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Download Guide Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands:
PDF to print and bind


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