Amalfi Museums - Amalfi Cathedral - Amalfi Paper Museum - Amalfi Ancient Arsenal – Amalfi Republic

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Amalfi Churches And Museums, Italy

Amalfi Cathedral
Amalfi's cathedral was built in the 9th century and partly reconstructed at a later date in Arabian-Sicilian style. A number of its original ancient features remain, such as the bell tower, the bronze posts on the main door and the Chapel of the Crucifix. The Cathedral leads directly to the fascinating Chiostro di Paradiso, the Paradise Cloisters.

Paper Museum - Amalfi
Housed inside an old paper mill, the museum exhibits ancient machinery for production of “Bambagina” paper, which is still in working order.

Civic Museum – Amalfi
On display in the museum is a seventeenth century paper copy of the Tabula Amalpha, a precious maritime manuscript, dating back to the 11th century, containing some surprising information about the Maritime Republic.

Ancient Arsenals of the Amalfi Republic
Dating back to the 9th century, the Ancient Arsenals are a precious testimony to the glorious maritime past of Amalfi. Of the 22 pointed-arch arcades that used to open out towards the sea, only 12 remain today.


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Download Guide Amalfi:
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