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Guide of Amalfi Coast, Italy

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Amalfi Coast Eating And Drinking, Italy

The search for “lemon groves” goes through the same dug up paths, the same mule tracks and the same impervious routes followed through the centuries by merchants, monks, nuns, and Arab invaders.
Introduced by the Arabs to Sicily and later to Campania, lemons have found their best natural habitat along the Amalfi coast, in those terraced hills where the “sfusato amalfitano” is produced, a unique protected variety labeled P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication).
The lemons from Amalfi, and the "sfusato” in particular (the name indicates its elongated form) are characterized by light-colored peel and juicy, almost seedless, pulp. Merchants from Amalfi struck gold by pursuing the sale of this fruit in the trade routes between North and South Europe: rich in vitamin C, lemons were found to prevent scurvy.
Lemons represent more than a symbol for this area of Campania. They are used as a base-food for pasta and meat/fish entrées, desserts and liqueurs.
Lemon Spaghetti as a main course, marinated anchovies as a second course, lemon cake as dessert and, finally, lemon sorbet and “limoncello” liqueur: all can be served with or created with these precious lemons.
Amalfi cuisine owes much of its originality to the creativity of monks and nuns who refined their culinary abilities in the quiet of their monasteries.
“Strained anchovies”, “sweet eggplant,” and “Santarosa” cake are all examples of skills handed down through the centuries.
The tasty "chocolate eggplant," a staple of Amalfi cuisine, grew out of the monks' "sweet eggplant" recipes, while the “Santarosa” puff with custard and black cherries in syrup originates from the "Santarosa” cake, the monk's hood-shaped dessert created by the nuns of the Santa Rosa monastery.
Meals should be savored together with the dry, dense flavored wines from Ravello, Furore or Tramonti.



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Download Guide Amalfi Coast:
PDF to print and bind


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