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Guide of Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi, Italy

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The Desert Monastery, Italy

The Desert Hilltop is the best panoramic point to observe the two gulfs.

This is a remarkable historical area. A large necropolis from the 6th century BC (Vadabillo's necropolis) was discovered here. Its discovery revealed the presence of an important ancient settlement, probably that of Sorrento.
Following its discovery, many exhibits have been restored, while others have gone lost due to the activity of grave robbers and thieves hunting for furniture and pottery. What is left may be admired at Villa Fondi, in Piano di Sorrento.

In 1679, the Carmelite fathers founded the Desert Monastery. Abandoned several times throughout history, the Desert Monastery was visited by travelers on the Grand Tour and by orders of Friars and Nuns that moved to this location to seek cloistered lives. Travelers such as Goethe and Stendhal highlighted the monastery's beauty, making it a site not to be missed.
Currently inhabited by approximately twenty cloistered nuns, the monastery and its panoramic views are not always open to the public, therefore we recommend calling ahead to request availability.

To get to the Desert Hilltop, where the monastery is located, follow the main street (Corso Sant'Agata) away from the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie (on the right) and continue to up Via Deserto.

Desert Monastery
Via Deserto, 23 - 80064
Sant’Agata dei due Golfi - Naples


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