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Sorrento Churches And Museums, Italy

Basilica di San Antonino – Sorrento
This basilica was built around the 10th century in honor of Saint Anthony, patron saint of navigators, and in c.1300 it became the home of the "Confraternita dei Battenti", an heretical confraternity originating from Naples. It was splendidly restored in the C17th by the Theatine Fathers. The crypt holds the tomb of Saint Anthony, where thousands of votive offerings have been made by sailors.

Sorrento Cathedral
Built around the 11th century, Sorrento Cathedral houses some marvelous frescoes by Neapolitan painters. The bell tower is home to an ancient ceramic clock.

Saint Francis Cloisters – Sorrento
The Saint Francis Cloisters have been restored on numerous occasions over the centuries and hence display a distinctive array of architectural styles that range from late gothic to renaissance, while the refectory retains its original fourteenth century structure.

Correale di Terranova Museum – Sorrento
In this fascinating museum you can find paintings by 18th century artists, inlaid furniture, Capodimonte majolica and porcelain ware, lacework The palazzo which houses the museum is surrounded by green and looks out over the Gulf of Naples.

Sedil Dominova – Sorrento
A unique testimony to the ancient "sedile", which was the building in which the city fathers gathered to make laws and decide on economic and administrative matters. A magnificent majolica-tiled dome covers the arcaded loggia of the Sedil Dominova.


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