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Bologna Entertainment And Nightlife, Italy

Bologna is known throughout Italy as the mecca of fun, a hedonistic city, where night life and fun can be found for all generations… A city which, thanks to the massive presence of students, is open to all forms of expression, even the most alternative.

Taking time for cocktail is a must in the alleys of Mercato di Mezzo or in Piazza Maggiore, where you can sip a glass of good wine accompanied by the tastiest appetizers of the local cuisine.

Bologna would not be the same without its traditional "osteria" (wine bars), which once represented the center of the city's social life. There are very many of them scattered throughout the city, some open to less than traditional influences, but all maintain the irresistible charm of partying. The greatest concentration is found in Via del Pratello, the focal point of Bologna's night life, where nothing ever shuts and you can drink wines and hang out with friends.

The university area is another hot spot for Bologna's nocturnal crowd: Via Zamboni, Piazza Verdi and Via delle Belle Arti are filled with swarms of young people from happy hour (7:00pm) until late at night.

If movies are your thing, there are 30 cinemas in Bologna, where young can enjoy the latest blockbusters and real gems for movie fans.

The theatrical offering is equally good with experimental performances, musicals, dance, opera and symphony. The "Bologna dei Teatri" circuit unites the main city facilities, the performances are published every week on a single playbill.

To listen to good jazz in Bologna, we recommend two excellent places: Cantina Bentivoglio and Chet Baker. To finish a night out in Bologna, the traditional rite involves indulging in a croissant or warm doughnut that many of the city's bakeries offer starting in the early hours of the morning.


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Download Guide Bologna:
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