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Modena Interesting Facts, Italy

With humble beginnings in a basement in downtown Modena, the history of the Panini publishing group is strongly tied to picture stickers and trading card, for which it is the world's undisputed leader.
It was the year 1961 when the Panini brothers came up with the idea that made them famous. Having purchased an entire picture card collection, they decided to package and distribute it. It was a smashing success.
Since then they have produced billions of picture cards and thousands of albums for the joy of children throughout the world. The "soccer player" series is the most famous in Italy but others have been created to reap success abroad.
In the beginning, the picture cards were printed on cardboard, later, since the 70s, the sticker versions were printed. Some rare picture cards have become collector items.
Relentless collectors like their creator, Giuseppe Panini, who, in the mid 1900s, collected picture cards from all over the world, created a unique museum, the picture card museum, illustrating the thrilling history of the last decades through picture cards.

Picture card museum
Corso Canalgrande, 103

Fun is an art that Modena cultivates with care and dedication. The taste for satire that couldn't help coming from the end of the pencils held by the great Modenesi creators.
This is the case of "Lupo Alberto", by Guido Silvestri, Silver in art, fortunate comic strip focused on the life of a wolf in love with a chicken. "Sturmtruppen" by Franco Bonvicini, Bonvi in art, is another comic strip where the main characters are the Second World War German troops. An anti-military satire that thrilled world readers, Germans included, thanks to its jovial style, able to slight any war rhetoric.



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