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Guide of Marina di Ravenna, Italy

Author: curran_kelleher

Marina Di Ravenna, Italy

Built more than a century ago along the Adriatic coast, 11 kilometres north-east of Ravenna, Marina di Ravenna is the main resort of this stretch of Riviera and it has a tourist-hotel organisation tried and tested by experience and tradition. Marina di Ravenna has been devoted to tourism since the 30's when it took its present name and town planning structure, with wide avenues immersed in the green, beautiful villas surrounded by parks, hotels and restaurants much appreciated for their fish dishes in accordance with a still alive fishing tradition.

The large and safe harbour with eight hundred berths, the broad sandy beach, served by modern bathing equipment, have made Marina di Ravenna a place of great tourist attraction. Marina di Ravenna can be recognised by the lighthouse which is its monument and also its symbol. It is one of the most refined lidos of the coast, a green oasis with sport facilities, a horse riding school and pathways through the pines which lead to the golden beach. The magnificent villas, built among the green, the hotels still pleasantly isolated, create a wonderful setting of peace and calm.


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