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Rimini, Italy

Rimini, Cattolica, Riccione, Misano, Bellaria, Igea Marina are extremely well-known seaside resorts, and comprise a holiday-making playground, which has always been the most significant in Europe from the viewpoint of the number of accommodation, beach bars, night clubs and leisure facilities, as well as the countless theme parks, places for entertainment and occasions for relaxing.

Yet the province of Rimini goes well beyond the sea: the historical and artistic legacies preserved above all in Rimini and the hinterlands are remarkable, and the landscape of the initial hills of the Apennines are of great interest. As you go further in, you can savour to the full Romagna with its olive trees, rural villages, roebucks that don't hesitate to pop out of the woods, the nature havens, natural and man-made grottoes and fossil seams.

Rimini is a city of art and the capital of the province, and a visit is worthwhile to its monuments, which are the living expression of its past glory as a Roman outpost and stronghold, to later become the capital of the Malatesta Seigniory, who left a legacy of some of the most significant monuments in the history of art, such as the Malatesta Temple, an emblem of the Renaissance.

Rimini and Riccione are easy to reach from any direction, by car, coach or train. Even by air, with daily services from Rome and Milan and regular charter flights from major European airports. And Rimini is just as easy to explore, giving you the freedom to go anywhere you like by bus, by bike or on foot. By day or by night, in perfect safety, with no risk of losing your way.

Behind the beach are the city's tree-lined avenues, its public gardens and its spacious parks, while out to sea the water is dotted with the zigzagging sails of windsurf boards, set against the shimmering blue of the Adriatic.

The sea is perfect, constantly monitored for cleanliness and hygiene, with a soft and velvety shore that slopes gently into the shallows. The sun is hot, but not too hot for comfort. Warmth is everywhere, the warmth of people of all ages and from all countries, come to meet other people at Rimini. Children play happily, families relax and forget the stress of daily routine, teenagers get to know each other.

If you're not on the beach, it's certainly not because you're in your hotel room. So where are you? Have you taken the kids to the Fiabilandia theme park, to the Dolphinarium or Miniature Italy? Are you shopping in the city centre? (Nothing like a good bargain to put a smile on your face!) Are you strolling in the shade of our parks? When you've finished on the beach, we'd like to give you some ideas for things to do later, if you haven't already decided, of course.

The announcer's voice drifts over the beach to give today's programme of events, exhibitions, music, entertainment, leisure and recreation, as full as it is every day. "Symphony orchestra at the Malatesta Castle. Fellini retrospective at the cinema. Sculpture and paintings at the museum. Regatta starting from the harbour, theatre in the hills, puppets in the square, magicians and conjurors from China!".
Dedicated to party-goers: Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica boast some of the biggest and best disco clubs and disco bars in Italy.

The hinterland of Rimini houses relics and monuments of exceptional historical interest and preserves ancient traditions, from county fairs to popular festivals and craftsmanship.

The most typical laboratories printing clothes with the so-called "a ruggine" technique and the beautiful tablecloths that adorn the tables in the kitchens of this region, are to be found in Sant'Arcangelo and Rimini. Wrought iron is worked on by skilled craftsmen in Mondaino and Montegridolfo, whereas in the ancient workshops in Montefiore and Montecolombo objects made from ceramics and terra-cotta are created.

One particular aspect of the Rimini cuisine is a popular ritual followed when preparing fish soup, the same as when it used to be cooked on the boats, with a thick tomato sauce, strongly flavoured with vinegar and blackened with pepper. The non plus ultra of seafood cooking is grilled fish, brushed with olive oil and lightly sprinkled with breadcrumbs and a pinch of fresh parsley. When it comes to gourmet specialties in this area, you cannot miss tasting the "Colli di Rimini" DOC wines, the olive oil and the cheeses, whose exceptional qualities gave rise to the project called "Strada dei vini e dei sapori dei colli di Rimini" (the route of wines and flavours around the Rimini hills).

Part of the contents are coutesy of Unione di Prodotto Costa Adriatica


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