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Camogli, Italy

Camogli is one of the best kept secrets of the Riviera of Liguria. Not having a large parking lot like the one at Portofino has saved the town from being invaded by mass tourism and, although events like the fish festival attract thousands of visitors, Camogli remains an authentic fishing village, with a truly enduring seafaring tradition.
The origins of its name got lost somewhere between logic and legend.
The first rendition into modern Italian, "le case delle mogli (the houses of the wives)," seems to refer to the fishermen's wives, who stayed home while their husbands were away at sea to earn a living.
Camogli might also mean something in the Genoese expression "Cà a muggi" (cluster of homes), an expression used to describe the area's multicolored homes, traditionally set against one another.
Although the origin of its name remains uncertain, the town's seafaring tradition is deeply rooted in the local culture, so much as to have earned the town the nickname of City of the Thousand White Sailing Ships to describe its ability to gather a large fleet and train an extensive number of naval captains and officers. Still today, the Christopher Columbus Nautical Institute produces many Italian naval officers.
After taking a leisurely stroll along the area's hills and the Sea of Tigullio, it will be easy to give into Camogli's clean seawater, where you will finally enjoy all you had admired while strolling along the town's welcoming gentle trails.
The entire area is part of a marine environmental preserve (, where no environmental detail is overlooked to ensure that this purely Italian locale is kept in pristine conditions.



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