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Author: APT Tigullio, APT Cinque Terre Golfo dei Poeti

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Tigullio Shopping, Italy

All the towns in the Tigullio area are well equipped to satisfy the growing tourist demand for shopping. The picturesque town centres are pedestrianized to enable inhabitants and tourists to stroll serenely in search of their ideal purchase. On the second weekend of the month, Chiavari is host to a crowded antique market. Moreover, on the fourth Sunday of every month, the centre of Rapallo is also visited by stalls selling antiques and bric-à-brac ware.

Local craftsmen propose precious goods. Chiavari is famous for its quality furniture. At the beginning of the 19th century the Chiavari chair came into being, an innovative model still very much appreciated by a vast public today. Liguria boasts a tradition of at least 700 years of damask production. The hand-woven production of these silk fabrics is still alive in the Tigullio area today. In Rapallo, Portofino and Santa Margherita lace and macramé are still widespread.

The typical activity of the inland is slate extraction and processing. Today slate is used for construction, and in artistic craftwork to create beautiful objects and sculptures.


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