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Portofino, Italy

In a tiny creek, out of sight and almost inaccessible, is hidden an ancient fishing village, that has become an internationally renowned symbol. Until the 19th century, Portofino was a fishing village, the bay was a well-known safe haven for ships, and the promontory served as an outpost for coastal sightings. At the end of the 19th century, all over Europe, the middle classes and aristocracy began to choose this beautiful place to build their summer residences. Now, since the 1950s, Portofino has received big Hollywood names, great artists, politicians and entrepreneurs, making it famous all over the world.

Places to see:
the town square, symbol of Portofino, with its coloured houses and the marina with its fairytale yachts. The church of Saint Martin in the town centre is also worth a visit. Going up towards the promontory you come to the church and castle of Saint George, and further along the way you can see Brown Castle, immersed in magnificent gardens. All around, dozens of dream villas are dotted among the olive trees. For nature lovers, the ideal excursion is through the Portofino Natural Park, which provides a network of paths heading towards the mountain or halfway down the coast, with breathtaking views from the promontory.

For scuba divers, the reef is a natural paradise. This is the heart of the Protected Marine Area of Portofino, with its underwater cliffs and Posidonia beds. The park is the territory of red coral, which has found ideal conditions to develop. Scuba divers can also visit the wreckage of the Mohawk Deer and the Genova.


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