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Guide of Sestri Levante, Italy

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Sestri Levante, Italy

One of the most photographed views of the Riviera: two bays separated by an isthmus bearing the ancient town of Sestri. Not much is left to testify to Sestris ancient history, but the town certainly merits a visit by anyone willing to be enchanted by the poetry of its setting and its two bays: the Bay of Fables, with modern seaside facilities, and the smaller Bay of Silence, so named by the famous fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen. On the neck of land that separates the two bays rises the 12th century church of Saint Nicholas, while other historical villas around the town have been converted into hotels.

A great number of water sports can be enjoyed on Sestri's beaches, from sailing to windsurfing, swimming to diving. The inland is great for hiking or mountain bike excursions.


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