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Author: Stefan Schlautmann

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Sanremo Architecture, Italy

Besides flower arrangements, Sanremo's heritage is clearly visible in its heterogeneous architecture, rising from the historical center of town and its surroundings.
Discover old Sanremo by visiting the Pigna, a district that owes its name to its interweaving streets and buildings, located beyond Porta di Santo Stefano. At the top of the old city, you will find the baroque sanctuary of the Holy Mary of the Coast. Piazza degli Eroi Sanremesi and the Tower of the Ciapela lie below. Historical Sanremo also includes the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of Saint Siro.
The city's major sights are all located along Corso degli Inglesi and Corso dell'imperatrice. It is in this location that you will be able to enjoy liberty-style architecture.
In fact, there are quite a few examples of it here, but now as then, all these villas are privately owned. The most renowned buildings are the Castle of Devachan, which features an exclusive residential hotel, the casino of Sanremo (opened in 1905), which is one, and surely the most famous of, the only four casinos in Italy, and finally the Russian-Orthodox Church, commissioned by the community of Russian nobles that followed tsarina Maria Aleksandrovna to Sanremo.
Along Corso Cavallotti, you may visit Villa Ormond and its marvelous garden, as well as Villa Nobel, Alfred Nobel's residence, which is open to the public and houses a museum dedicated discovery and invention.

Casino di Sanremo

The Belle Epoque of Sanremo left its strongest mark in the city's Casino, a predominantly liberty-style building, designed by the French architect Eugene Ferret...

The Christ the Savior Russian-Orthodox Church

One of the city's landmarks, a witness to the presence of a Russian community in Sanremo...


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