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Sanremo Interesting Facts, Italy

Flower craftsmen

Resting by the sea and protected from wind and storms by surrounding hills, Sanremo enjoys an enviable micro-climate that has allowed it to write the history of Italian flower culture.
Sanremo's typical flower farms are usually known as "mazzerias", predominant in this part of Liguria, guaranteeing the production of flowers on average more beautiful, resistant, and fragrant then average, and enduring quality that has survived bad economic cycles and higher management costs than non-European production centers.
The flower growers work here, waiting for just the right time to begin farming, mastering watering techniques, crossbreeding as necessary to reach amazing results, like the ones witnessed by the audience of the concert hall of the New Year's Concert of Vienna or by those attending the Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm, or even by those attending the Festival of Sanremo.

These individuals turn into craftsmen by vocation and need, given the fact that it is impossible for them to farm extensively due to restrictions dictated by the local landscape, keeping the flower production in the hands of small land owners, craftsmen dedicated to quality, instead of mass production, as carried out by the giants of flower production located throughout Europe and beyond.
Roses, poppies, carnations, mimosas, marigolds, are just some of the varieties that grow in the area's open pits to end in the flower markets. These Mediterranean species cannot be duplicated and are exclusively produced by local farmers.
The Sanremo flower market is most main flower venue of the Mediterranean (, the trading place of more than 600 commercial enterprises dealing in wholesale and export.

However, if you have a passion for flowers, the Flower Festival is the event you should not miss while visiting Sanremo. It is held every year, at the end of January, in the Palafiori building and along the streets of Corso Fiorito, where the main event is the traditional parade of floats.

Sanremo in bloom

Every year, in January, Sanremo pays homage to its flowers by holding a parade of floats...


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