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Sanremo, Italy

Undeniably linked to flowers, the beach destination of Sanremo has always had a privileged relationship with tourist, especially with foreign visitors, who have enjoyed staying here since the beginning of tourism. They came seeking the Ariadne's string to the ancient Grand Tour, natural beauties and mild climate, an intermediate stop on their way into mainland Italy, but many extended their stay and never moved on.

The most illustrious of them all, scientist Alfred Bernhard Nobel, founded Stockholm's prestigious prize event, stayed and died in Sanremo. It has been almost a century since the visits of the empress Maria Alexandrovna, and the prince of Ediburgh. It was indeed during that time that the city experienced new buildings and villas in liberty style, admirable gardens and spontaneous architecture, which make of today's Sanremo an attractive quality that shies away from horrid cement and architectural disasters that appeared following the arrival of mass tourism in the nearby Cote D'Azur.
The Dechavan Castle, the Ormond Villa and its park, Villa Nobel and the Casino (one of only four casinos in Italy) were all built around that golden period and they are still the finest sights of the city.
Just climb Monte Bignone (4300 ft), reach the peak of its national park, enjoy the view of the gardens and Sanremo's natural amphitheatre, and you'll agree.

Sanremo is part of the Flower Riviera, that part of the Riviera di Ponente that stretches from Andora to the national border at Ventimiglia, undeniably the Italian capital of flowers, since its transition, at the end of the 19th century, from a predominantly farming economy to extensive flower production. The largest flower market in the basin of the Mediterranean and the flower floats show early in the year (Flower Festival of Sanremo) seal the link between the city and its flowers.

To Italians, Sanremo spells Italian Music Festival, a singing competition among Italian singers, and its annual media event, which has been broadcast on television since 1951, filling the evenings of those who enjoy contemporary melodic Italian music.

As far as sports, Sanremo features two major historical events: the "most classic" Milan - Sanremo, which is, without a doubt, one of the most important bicycle races in the world, and the internationally renowned rally of Sanremo..


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