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Bergamo Città Alta, Italy

The Città Alta can be easily reached on bus line 1 or by using the cable car at the Galleria Conca d’Oro which stops in Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe. Walk down Via Gombito, along the ancient decuman (Roman road running East-West) to admire the ancient homes and Medieval Gombito tower.
A short side trip down Via Rocca is a must to take in the view of the Rocca stronghold tower, Italian Risorgimento memorial in Piazzale Brigata Legnano.
The Bergamo museum of history inside the stronghold is the reference point commemorating the Risorgimento period and the two World Wars.
Returning to Via Gombito, you're just a few steps from Piazza Vecchia.
Piazza Vecchia is the heart of the Città Alta. Beyond the Contarini fountain you can admire the Palazzo della Ragione and, to the right of the town tower, the Campanone, which provides a fantastic view of the city and surrounding plains. The bell tolls 130 times at 10 p.m. in memory of the ancient city gate closing rite.
Behind the Palazzo della Ragione, beyond the loggia, is Piazzetta del Duomo. The Duomo is worth a visit (don't miss G.B. Tiepolo's painting of "St. John the Martyr) but, above all, see the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, whose construction began in 1137 and which is distinguished by the red and white marble portico and Baroque interior. The Northern entrance is also called the Red Lion's entrance due to the red marble lions supporting the columns of the transept porch. The Southern entrance or White Lion entrance has white marble lions supporting the columns.
The Basilica has kept its original Romanesque exterior and combination of red, white and black marble while Baroque and Renaissance styles merge in the interior revealing rich ornaments and remarkable Flemish frescoes. Bergamo's famous composer, Donizetti, is buried here.
The Colleoni chapel (15th century), icon of Lombardy Renaissance, was added to the North side of the Basilica as the personal shrine of fifteenth century condottiere Bartolomeo Colleoni and his daughter.
Built by Antonio Amadeo, it houses his statues and fabulous frescoes by G.B. Tiepolo. The octagonal baptistery, open only for baptisms, completes the square.
Not to be missed Donizetti Museum: museum dedicated to the famous opera composer.


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Download Guide Bergamo:
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