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Bergamo History, Italy

Probably founded by Celtic tribes, Bergamo was later colonized by the Romans and transformed into a municipality given its strategic importance. It was at this time that the division between Città Alta (municipal) and Bergamo bassa (suburban).
After the fall of Rome, Bergamo suffered invasions and pillaging becoming an independent commune and, after some time under the Visconti rule, it fell under the control of the Venetian. It remained part of the Venetian Republic for three centuries. It was during this period that the walls around the old city (still intact) were reinforced, marking the boundaries between the city's two centers.
The city was later conquered by Napoleon and occupied by the Hapsburg empire. It was finally liberated by Giuseppe Garibaldi's Redshirts to become part of modern Italy. The city is also known as the Redshirt city due to its considerable contributions to Garibaldi's efforts to free Italy.


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Download Guide Bergamo:
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