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Milan Entertainment, Italy

Not even the most expert viveur from Milan could possibly know all the clubs in Milan. There are hundreds and hundreds of bars, lounge bars, wine bars, pubs, cafés, bistrots, pubs, wine cellars, live music bars and lots of others besides. The Milanese night scene is so wide-ranging and changes continuously, just like everything in this eclectic city. There are clubs that are furnished in hi-tech style, or that are inspired by the Savannah, with leopard-skin chairs, palm trees and pretend elephants’ heads. Wine bars in minimal Japanese style and others that make you think you are in Bollywood, if you go by their music and furnishings. There are atmospheres for all taste and for states of mind: the Milanese love variation, and if there are still any habitués around, most Milanese people prefer the excitement of the unforeseen and new experiences.

One interesting thing is that Milanese night life begins very early: you don’t have to wait for dusk to be with your friends and enjoy yourself.

One habit that has become popular in the last few years is brunch, a ritual that originated in New York, and that has spread in Italy, starting from Milan. A combination of breakfast and lunch, brunch was invented to satisfy the “day–after” appetite of those who were out on the town until dawn. On Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 until 2 pm, many clubs in Milan offer lavish brunches.

Another must of a ritual is happy hour, that the Milanese cannot go without for anything on Earth. From 6 pm to 9.30 pm in Milan you can drink cocktails accompanied by substantial buffets with several courses, pasta, meat or fish, in all the clubs in Milan. All this for about 5-10 Euro per cocktail.
The areas that have the most clubs are Porta Ticinese, Navigli and Porta Romana, but even if you are elsewhere and you fancy a cocktail, there is a club offering its happy hour on almost every corner in Milan: whether you are in the center or outside.


here are a few suggestions of places where you can get a taste of Milanese Dolce Vita:



  • Diana Garden - The garden of the Hotel Diana Majestic, that is housed in an early-twentieth century Art Nouveau-style building that is one of the best in Milan. Excellent menu, spectacular atmosphere and regular famous customers from the showbusiness and political world. (where: Viale Piave 42)
  • Le biciclette - A former bicycle shop, with a New York atmosphere, minimalist, hi-tech furnishing and exhibitions of photographs and sculptures. Brunch is truly excellent and top quality.
  • Tribeca Lounge - Cool atmosphere, show business world clientele, Italo-American buffet with several inviting alternatives.



  • Magenta - One of the most famous, popular clubs in Milan. Right in the center and with a tasty buffet.RoialtoFor an aperitif in one of the most exclusive, glamorous clubs in Milan.
  • Volo - You must go here in the spring or summer, when happy hour moves outside in the garden, surrounded by its ancient walls. The buffet is top quality and rather filling.
  • Palo Alto - Varied buffet, perfect cocktails. A very crowded place.
  • Officina 12 - Set up inside a former factory, a loft style with open spaces and overhead platform. There is a pretty interior garden and a full buffet. It is also a pizzeria.
  • Corso Como 10 - A restaurant, boutique, bookshop, showroom, gallery and wine bar. An extremely cool place, housed in a typical Milanese house with interior garden. Ideal for a special evening.



  • Hollywood - This is the most famous discotheque in Italy. Models, designers, actors, politicians and other famous people all go there. Commercial music and dance floors for showing off your talents. Tough door selection, privé club off limits.
  • Loollapalozaa - Crowded, wild and funky. You can dance on the tables, drink rum and tequila, sweat and have a great time.
  • Alcatraz - In the north of Milan, this is the largest club in the city: hundreds of square meters of space lit up by one of the most sophisticated lighting systems that exist, live concerts and international clientele. Clientele of all ages.
  • Atlantique - House music from the most famous bands, a restaurant, a bar and a private club. A fashionable club opened by the designers Dolce and Gabbana.



  • Rolling StoneThe rock temple of Milan. Here, in twenty years, just about everyone has paid a visit: from Iron Maiden to Ben Harper, Black Sabbath and Massive Attack.
  • Le Scimmie - This is a historical club on the Navigli, the first one that organized live music. Recommended for jazz lovers.
  • Magazzini Generali - Trendy live music, sets directly from London’s rave parties, multi-media installations.
  • Blue Note: the temple of jazz in Milan and first European venue for the notorious NY jazz club. Milan's Blue Note schedules the best international jazz scene.
  • Leoncavallo - The first and most famous social center in Italy, where concerts are held by Italian and international artists, and where there are also food fairs and conferences.


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Download Guide Milan:
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