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Typical Products From Milan, Italy

These include Salame di Milano, made from finely minced pork and beef meat, and many types of cheese too.

Grana Padano is a famous cheese overseas, which is made everywhere in the Pò valley. Mascarpone is also a typical Milanese cheese, that is an essential ingredient for desserts and creams, often mixed with other cheeses, salami or fish. However, the most famous Milanese cheese is without a doubt Gorgonzola, that rich, strongly flavored cheese that reigns supreme at the Milan dinner table. This creamy cheese, that has blue veins running through it, is used to dress tasty first courses and to flavor Polenta or can be eaten alone. Finally, we should remember Crescenza, or Stracchino, a soft, creamy fresh milk cheese with a slightly sweet taste. This is excellent when spread on a slice of bread or eaten with raw vegetables.


If you are interested in buying foodstuffs or wine, you must visit Peck, a legendary temple of gastronomy. In Via Spadari, where there is also a famous fishmonger’s, you will find all you need to satisfy your taste buds and your sense of hedonism: DOP (certified origin) cheeses from all over Italy, all kinds of salami, extra virgin oils, aged balsamic vinegars, rare tea and spice mixtures, pretty preserves of food in oil and a wine cellar that is filled with the most valuable wines from Italy and abroad.



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