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Fano, Italy

There is an old fisherman at the port of Fano who doesn't behave like other fishermen from the four corners of Italy. He drinks "Moretta", the coffee of Fano fishermen, made "corretto" with brandy, anise and rum, but takes part in the excitement with his colleagues only when it's time for Carnival, the oldest in Italy.
Like the gentle, relaxed and green hills above the Adriatic Riviera and around his city, his character is quiet and secluded.
Nevertheless, he has many stories to tell: stories of the Roman era, when Via Flaminia crossed Fano to connect Rome to Rimini, medieval and renaissance epics that took place both inside and outside the walls, stories of towns high above the sea, built to curb the tide of pirates that raged in the Adriatic for centuries.
Fano is located almost on the sea, and from there it is protected by the most secret and well-protected Marches.



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