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Fano The Hills And Villages, Italy

Amazement: this was the feeling that Napoleon and General Joachim Murat experienced upon reaching these places, during their campaign in Italy.
Not a simple state of mind, but the contemplation of the seamless integration of the villages with the soft descending green hills of the Marches, the admiration for historic homes and gardens embellished by exotic plants, fountains and myrtle.
Between Pesaro, Fano, Urbino and Ancona, the natural scenery invites the patient search for great human art. The discovery pays, with fortresses, castles, monasteries, shrines, Roman ruins, churches, mansions and gardens.
The fortress of San Leo, the impregnable dwelling, among others, of Dante and St. Francis of Assisi; the fortified village and Gradara Castle; Raphael's city, Urbino, which is protected by UNESCO; the historic residence of Gambini palace, just a stone's throw from Pesaro; the fortified centers of Mondavio and Corinaldo. We don't really leave the coast when guided by instinct, continuing inland, rather we find a world to be approached delicately, perhaps on horseback or bicycle.
The threat of pirates led to the creation of medieval "castras" high above the sea. Today, that threat gives visitors the wonder and magic that one feels in medieval and Renaissance Italy.



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