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Turin Shopping, Italy

Still distinguished by the wide porticoed avenues where the Savoy family loved to stroll, Turin is a city where shopping is definitely convenient and fun. Luxury boutiques, chocolate shops, markets, food stores, clothing stores, antiques, used books and clothing: you can find just about anything in Turin!

If you're looking for the latest fashion trends, the hottest Italian and international designers or elegant Piedmont tailors, Via Roma and the boutiques on its elegant side streets are a must: Via Lagrange and Via Carlo Alberto.

Walking down the long (and pedestrian) Via Garibaldi gives you the chance to shop at the numerous stores and craft shops and buy famous clothing brands often offering great deals. Crossing the Quadrilatero Romano district and leading straight into Piazza Castello, Via Garibaldi is the soul of Turin.

If you like markets, shop at the stands in Porta Palazzo, the most colorful market in Turin, multiethnic and populated by numerous vendors.  


Porta Palazzo is especially known for its fruit, vegetables and fish and an area directly managed by farmers who sell their local produce such as Barilla plant and sunflowers.
Don't forget to go to Ceni, the historic seed, bean and rice store whose wares are displayed in magnificent sacks. Since 1963, it was one of the first stores in this sector to focus on natural farming. 


A bit further on, the Gran Balèn, Turin's flea market held every Saturday for more than two decades. Over 200 vendors attract shoppers with unusual wares including antique furniture, prints, toys from the 1940's and many other oddities. Need an example? Have you ever bought a lamp hit by lightening? You can at Balèn! In addition to Porta Palazzo, here is a list of the city's main local markets: Crocetta, Piazza Madama Cristina, Corso Racconigi and Piazza Martini detta Benefica.



Even those who love outlets in search of the best deals can find something in Turin, especially if you're looking for clothing.
We recommend Kappa (Superga & Kway), Polar (mountain clothing) and suggest you visit Docks Dora (housed in the former industrial area between Via Perugia and Via Regaldì, where you can find emerging Italian fashion, great deals, stocked weekly) and Flydocks68 in Via Valprato (women's, men's and children's clothing).

In Piazza Castello you'll find Hannibal, a small store that sells famous streetwear brands, especially skirts, t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. In Quadrilatero, Born in Berlin sells fashion label shoes, bags and clothing.

Lastly, try Stratta for its unique and delicious candy, incredibly packaged. Prices are still, but this candy boutique is a great place to find that "perfect" souvenir,


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