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Catania Entertainment And Nightlife, Italy

One of the most popular meeting places is Scalinata Alessi, a staircase in the center of the university area of the city, just a short walk from Via Crociferi, where there are lots of clubs. One of the most famous clubs is Nievski, the first pub that opened up in the city. Now there are about 120 of them, that are always crowded and lively. Catania is a university city that attracts students from all over the south of Italy, and they and the city’s “viveur” inhabitants make Catania’s nightlife so interesting that it seems natural to stay out until dawn.

The choice of fun things to do is never-ending: there are 25 theaters and an endless variety of clubs. You can choose between Arabic-like, hi-tech, kitsch or minimal Japanese atmospheres. The more sophisticated wine bars, that attract Catania's middles classes, are a bit further out of the old city, in Corso Italia, in the stretch between Piazza Europa up to Via Monfalcone, a modern, exclusive city area that goes as far as the seafront.

If you get hungry after walking, talking and dancing, there is always the Etoile d’oro that was the first bar to stay open 24 hours a day in 1977 and that now makes 1000 arancini per days, offered in a thousand different varieties.


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Download Guide Catania:
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