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Ragusa Eating And Drinking, Italy

The Ragusa product par excellence, that has been produced for centuries: Caciocavallo cheese, a tasty cheese formed into a parallelepiped shape, made from Modica cow's milk

This cheese is used for antipasti and desserts, and can be fresh and sweet or ripe and spicy. There are many types of recipes based on this cheese that are served in the Ragusa restaurants, for example "cascavaddu all’argintera", made with slices of caciocavallo, placed in beaten egg and then fried in oil.

A typical menu served by one of the several restaurants in Ragusa may start off with a typical antipasto dish such as "scaccia": a tasty pizza bread filled with tomato sauce and chili pepper, and grated caciocavallo cheese. Cavatieddi are a popular fresh pasta dish, served in Ragusa and in Modica, with a sauce based on pork stew.

As a second course you can choose a plate of cold meat "a stemperata": meat with a sauce made from garlic, olives, capers, carrots, celery and mint, fried and wet with vinegar. You can also try tripe in Ragusa style, cooked together with almonds, nuts and cinnamon.

Biancomangiare is one of the desserts recommended. It is a typical sweet made in the province of Ragusa based on almonds. The original recipe includes finely chopped almonds, sugar, corn starch, lemon rind, cinnamon and cream, all mixed together and poured into the typical terracotta moulds. Once it has become solid Biancomangiare is turned out onto plates covered in lemon leaves and served.


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Download Guide Ragusa:
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